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work in americas

Inició Oct 6, 2015 0 Respuestas

 hi ive not been about for while  can any one tell me if theres any work going  at present ?Continuar

qualified people out of work .

Inició Dic 7, 2012 0 Respuestas

I was in central London yesterday  in Oxford street   one of the main shopping streets in central London. It`s very busy with shoppers doing thier Christmas shopping  I am not far from the famous …Continuar

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field work mexico

Inició Sep 27, 2012 0 Respuestas

Hi   Im pretty new to this I dont get much chance to go on this site which is a pity . I would like to talkto any one who would  be interested in discussing field work in Mexico I know things arnt…Continuar

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university of London

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Field work in mexico, central / South America

Publicado el diciembre 17, 2013 a las 10:23am 0 Comentarios

   This is my first blog  never done this before  hopefully I will keep it going as best I can

      Im a qualified archaeologist  Birkbeck  college University of London

        I would be most interested in getting some field work down in mexico    or central / south America  in2015

     Im not fussy about  where or what it is .


     I have had field experience here in Britain  and I`ve worked fro museums here  British museum

    and museum of…


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A las 1:11pm del enero 4, 2013, Greta San Pablo Osorio dijo...

thanks!!! have a great year. 

A las 11:35pm del diciembre 3, 2012, Mauricio Obregón Cardona dijo...

Hi Kevin

I´m a Colombian archaeologist. I have been working on Norwest South America (near Medellin Colombia). Recently, I have finished my Ph degree in the UNAM (Mexico). I have work about social change processes on intermediate societies (focused on household contexts).

Best regards,




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