I was in central London yesterday  in Oxford street   one of the main shopping streets in central London.

 It`s very busy with shoppers doing thier Christmas shopping  I am not far from the famous  Selfridges department store  when I saw something I never thougth I would see .

  Passing the entrance to bond street Underground  station  I saw a  young woman  with a placard  round her neck  first i thought It was demonstration of some sort  against capitilism  that occur every so often in London  then I saw there was no police there  and looking at her Placard  she was stating she had a  M.A in History  and was a graduate  and was out of work  and asking for employment .

This is  the first time  I have ever seen anything like this over here I have have never seen University graduates begging for work here . 

  Its  an inditement on this countries goverment who  have been pulling the wall over  the eyes of the people in this country  making out we are  ok and everthings comfy cosy  its something if university graduates  are begging for jobs in the street .

The world had been well and truely conned by the Olympics  this goverment has made out everything was wonderful here the goverment cleared all the homeless off the streets and covered up all the grafiti

 they had ads on TV tshowing sports personalities  joining children covering up graffiti  going on about "doing thier bit for the community" so the world wouldnt see any different , reminds you of Nazi germany 1936  doesnt it ?  they hid all what was happening  putting on a "nice" show

now the worlds gone from London  theres more homeless then ever , and  graffetis back . I could go on about the railways as well stations fully staffed for two weeks now not fully staffed  etc etc, but I am saying this country treats its graduates like dirt and  ignores them .

Its a crying shame talent and knowladge is wasted . I dont know what its like in other countries but here   talent and knowledge is not appreciated ;[   any comments on whats going on abroad.



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