Field work in mexico, central / South America

   This is my first blog  never done this before  hopefully I will keep it going as best I can

      Im a qualified archaeologist  Birkbeck  college University of London

        I would be most interested in getting some field work down in mexico    or central / south America  in2015

     Im not fussy about  where or what it is .


     I have had field experience here in Britain  and I`ve worked fro museums here  British museum

    and museum of London  .

        If Any one is interested   after reading this  drop me a line 

        either on here  or at  


      I have  always been interested in Archaeology  and the New World has been a source of fascination

      for me for  many years .

     I studied at the institute of Archaeology in Gordon square London  for four interesting years  1997-2001

     I still go there now to visit the levantis  gallery  theres always something interesting there .

      you can go there  and theres no tourists there  IOA is off the tourist trail  the British museum is often overwhelmed with tourists especially the Mummy rooms .


  Theres the Colombia gold exhibition on at present  at the BM  Im going in January  as I have a ticket .

     I would like to tell you all that there are plans to open the old Banksian rooms at the BM that are behind the Mexico gallery and the North American Indian gallery  to make them into the new Central and south American galleries featuring items from the BM`s reserve Collections that cannot be Displayed currently due to lack of space

  The new galleries will hopefully be opened in 2016 or 17 I think  .

    So keep an eye on the BM  for futher developments .

       I sadly have to sign off here  but hope to keep this up  .

         best wishes to all  Kevin Atkins




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